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You can have the finest arguments, wisest thoughts and most fascinating insights, but if you can't make your newsletter stand out, you won't build readership and you won't be able to (eventually) monetise your content.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog, how to write a good newsletter, there are a few ground rules to follow to get you off to a good start. But to get the most from your newsletter, you'll need to continually improve your content and optimise your writing process.

We asked our editors to share their top tips on how to improve a newsletter and make it stand out from the crowd.

1. Tell a great story, your way

Play to your strengths: leverage your skills and experience as an expert in your field. And make sure your personality comes through in your writing style, formatting and design. You can do this by customising everything, from your logo to your description (see ‘How to write a good newsletter’).

2. Empower your readers

Make your readers feel empowered by the information they receive from your newsletter. Ensure that you sell value and information they can use.

You can also directly engage with your audience by encouraging them to comment on your articles and responding to those comments. Reader participation is an important factor in the success of most famous blogs. Always ask your subscribers what they would like to read, see and hear more of. Not only will you capture the interest of your readers, but you will also receive fresh ideas for future content.

3. Capture the zeitgeist

Our third tip on on how to improve a newsletter is to stay up to date with current affairs. You may be writing on very niche topics but there is usually a way to meaningfully incorporate your views into what’s happening right now.

This can help improve your readership and the chances of future readers finding your content through search engines.

4. Write a compelling subject line

It goes without saying how important it is that your audience click on the email that will allow them access to your content. No matter how great your content may be, if your audience do not open your emails, all of your efforts go to waste.

5. Test, test and test again

As well as subject lines, you can also test additional email settings such as from name, sender address and send times. Through a rigorous testing programme, you can boost your opens, clicks and general engagement by making minor adjustments to your publishing routine.

(It's also easy to track your success with Scriber's dashboard – sign up for a free account to check it out).

6. And finally, ALWAYS send yourself a test

There's nothing worse than spending hours crafting the perfect newsletter and hitting send, only to spot a typo the minute it lands in your inbox. Previewing is an often overlooked step of the email creation process, but it's arguably the most important. Scriber's test email functions helps you with this stage, so you can preview your newsletter in its natural home – the inbox.

BONUS TIP: It's also always good to send a test to a colleague – you'll be surprised at how many improvements can be found by getting another set of eyes on your newsletter.

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