There really is no better way to build a successful newsletter than by starting with a free product.

Free newsletters give you a way to test out your newsletter, refine your content and build a loyal following. Over time, you’ll gain a large enough following that will allow you to start monetising your content. Some of the most popular newsletters out there all began as freebies before blooming into content giants.

We all have to start somewhere, and that's exactly why you should consider starting your newsletter journey with a free one. Still not convinced? Here's our top 5 reasons why you should start writing a free newsletter.

1. Build a loyal following

A free newsletter is a lead generator and a great way to start building your audience. It allows you to be discovered by potential new readers and, if they like what they see, become a loyal fan. They may even be ready to pay for extra information, services or expertise from you.

On Scriber, we’ve made the process of contact management simple so that you can focus on writing. You can build your audience from scratch through good old-fashioned self-promotion, or bring over your existing readers using our simple uploader tool in your Dashboard.

Scriber Dashboard Contact Uploader
On Scriber, you can upload your reader list when creating your online publication.

You can even add individual subscribers to your publication on a case-by-case basis, so you’re always in full control of who’s reading your content.

2. Reach a wider audience

Starting a free newsletter enables you to reach a large potential audience. With no paywall, readers are much more likely to both discover you and give you a try. This gives you the best chance of finding your super fans… the readers that love what you say, want more of it, and are prepared to pay.

3. Demonstrate your expertise

Free newsletters are also one of the best ways to showcase what you have to offer. Anyone can claim to be an expert, but writing and publishing regularly on a topic means you can prove it.

You don’t need to give everything away in a free newsletter, but by consistently producing valuable content you provide your readers with real evidence of what you can deliver, and begin to establish you as a subject matter expert.

4. Keep in touch with your readers

A free newsletter enables you to keep in touch with your audience. Even if they are not ready or willing to spend on a paid subscription straight away, you can continually remind them of what you have to offer.

It also creates a direct line of communication between you and your readers, giving them the opportunity to provide invaluable feedback that could help to shape and improve your offering.

5. The first step to content monetisation

If you’ve built a large and loyal following, the next step is simple: make some money!

At Scriber, we'll soon be introducing paid content options to help you take that next step to monetising your newsletter and give yourself a bit more financial independence. Unlike other publishing tools, creators on Scriber will keep 90% of their generated income – with no hidden transaction fees.

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